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Disney World Dog Hotel

Disney World Dog Hotel

When it comes to planning a magical vacation to Disney World, pet owners often face a dilemma: where can their furry friends stay while they explore the happiest place on Earth? Fortunately, Disney World has designed its very own dog hotel that ensures your beloved pets receive quality care and have as much fun as you do. Welcome to the enchanting world of Disney World Dog Hotel, where your pet can have their own magical Disney experience!

What is Disney World Dog Hotel?

Disney World Dog Hotel, also known as Best Friends Pet Care, is an on-site pet boarding facility near Disney World Resorts. Boasting more than 50,000 square feet of pet-centric amenities, the hotel provides a variety of accommodations and activities to ensure that furry friends have as enjoyable a stay as their human counterparts. From luxury dog suites to daily playgroups, your pet will experience top-notch care and some Disney magic while you venture into the parks.


Disney World Dog Hotel offers several accommodation types to ensure your pet's comfort during their stay:

Indoor Dog Boarding

  • Standard Indoor Boarding: Doggy guests stay in air-conditioned comfort with a private suite, two potty walks, and meals served in a personal dish.
  • Indoor Suite: In addition to the standard boarding features, the Indoor Suite provides a bit more privacy due to the layout of the suites, as well as a television set for comforting background noise.

Indoor-Outdoor Dog Boarding

  • Indoor-Outdoor Suite: These suites cater to dogs who love spending time outdoors. Guests have a private indoor suite, and doors allow them access to a private, covered outdoor patio for lounging. Two potty walks and meals are also included.
  • Vacation Villa: For ultimate canine luxury, Vacation Villas feature a spacious indoor suite with a raised platform bed, a television set, and access to a private outdoor play yard. Villas also include daily playgroups, bedtime belly rubs, and even a goody-filled Kong treat.

Activities and Amenities

Disney World Dog Hotel understands the importance of playtime and exercise. Guests can enjoy exciting activities and additional amenities such as:

  • Playgroups and private playtime: Opt for either supervised group play or private sessions where pet care specialists engage your dog in favorite activities like fetch or frisbee.
  • Outdoor walks: Schedule additional walks around the scenic pet care facility grounds for added stimulation and exercise.
  • Bedtime belly rubs: Sweet dreams are guaranteed when sleepy pups receive a calming massage before bed.
  • Ice cream breaks: Treat your furry friend to a tasty frozen treat in the afternoon.
  • Goody-filled Kong treats: Keep busy minds stimulated with a Kong toy filled with delectable surprises.

Health and Safety Requirements

Ensuring the safety and welfare of all guests, Disney World Dog Hotel has strict health and vaccine requirements for boarding:

  1. Bordetella (canine only)
  2. DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus for canines)
  3. Rabies

Proof of these vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian is required before check-in. Additionally, pets must be free from parasites and fleas.

Disney World Dog Hotel Example:

Imagine your dog Rex, a golden retriever full of energy, staying at the Vacation Villa accommodation at Disney World Dog Hotel. Greeters welcome Rex with open arms, providing him with his own private suite, complete with a cozy bed and a TV for comforting sounds. Rex eagerly joins group play sessions, romping with newfound friends through the spacious play yard, and takes pleasure in a midday snack of ice cream. After a day filled with adventure and exercise, Rex relaxes next to his pet care specialist and enjoys a soothing bedtime belly rub before drifting off to sleep.

Now that you've discovered the wonderful world of Disney World Dog Hotel, you can plan your Disney vacation knowing that your furry friend will enjoy their own pampered retreat. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with fellow pet owners, and continue exploring Dig Dog Hotels for more comprehensive guides to pet-friendly accommodations. Make your reservation at Disney World Dog Hotel and embark on a magical journey with your four-legged companion today!


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