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Dog Friendly Hotel Newport RI

Dog Friendly Hotel Newport RI

Are you planning a trip to Newport, Rhode Island, and want to include your four-legged friend in the adventure? You're in luck because we have the perfect guide to dog-friendly hotels in Newport RI! From luxurious accommodations to budget-friendly options, we've got you covered. So, pack your bags, grab your pup, and let's explore the exciting world of dog-friendly stays in Newport, RI.

1. Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina

Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina is a premier resort situated on its own island with picturesque views of the harbor. This dog-friendly hotel offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your furry friend. The rooms are spacious, with a variety of pet-friendly room types, including deluxe rooms and suites.

  • Pet fee: $75 per stay
  • Max weight: 50 pounds
  • Features: Dog walking services, nearby dog-friendly parks and beaches

2. Hotel Viking

A historic hotel located in the heart of Newport, Hotel Viking offers a unique and luxurious stay for you and your dog. The pet-friendly guestrooms feature plush dog beds, food and water bowls, and a pet-friendly room service menu. With its close proximity to numerous attractions, Hotel Viking is an excellent choice for your Newport adventure.

  • Pet fee: $150 per stay
  • Max weight: No restrictions
  • Features: Doggy room service menu, pet-friendly amenities

3. The Chanler at Cliff Walk

Experience the charm and elegance of a historic Newport mansion at The Chanler at Cliff Walk. This luxurious boutique hotel allows small dogs to accompany their owners in designated pet-friendly rooms. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, ocean views, and refined service during your stay at this gorgeous property.

  • Pet fee: $100 per stay
  • Max weight: 30 pounds
  • Features: Pet-friendly rooms, beautiful outdoor spaces

4. Francis Malbone House

Stay in a historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Newport at the Francis Malbone House. This charming property offers two pet-friendly rooms, where your pup can enjoy a cozy and comfortable stay with you. The staff is welcoming and attentive, ensuring a fantastic experience for you and your furry companion.

  • Pet fee: $50 per stay
  • Max weight: No restrictions
  • Features: Courtyard garden, pet-friendly rooms

5. Comfort Inn At Atlantic Beach

For a budget-friendly option, consider staying at Comfort Inn At Atlantic Beach. This comfortable hotel is located close to many attractions and beaches and provides designated pet-friendly rooms for you and your pet to enjoy. The hotel also offers a complimentary breakfast and an indoor pool.

  • Pet fee: $35 per night
  • Max weight: 50 pounds
  • Features: Close to beaches, pet-friendly rooms

Dog Friendly Hotel Newport RI Example

Imagine starting your day with a stroll along the scenic Newport Cliff Walk, with your furry friend happily trotting by your side. After taking in the breathtaking views, return to your luxurious ocean view room at Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina, where your pup can enjoy a refreshing drink from the provided doggy bowl. Then, why not have dinner at the hotel's restaurant where your dog can sample the delicious offerings from the doggy room service menu? End the evening with a cozy snuggle in your deluxe pet-friendly room, knowing that you've both had an unforgettable day in Newport, RI.

Dog Friendly Hotel Newport RI Frequently Asked Questions

What features make Hotel Newport RI dog-friendly?

Hotel Newport RI embraces the mantra of hospitality not just for humans but for their canine companions too. From providing luxurious dog beds and personalized treat menus to dedicating dog-friendly zones for play, they ensure that every furry guest feels pampered.

Are there specific dog breeds or sizes that the hotel might not accommodate?

While Hotel Newport RI is dedicated to accommodating most canine breeds and sizes, there could be certain restrictions in place for the comfort and safety of all guests. It's always good to clarify directly with the hotel before booking.

Will I incur any extra charges for bringing along my dog?

Yes, there may be a supplementary fee to ensure that the room and facilities are maintained impeccably after your furry friend's stay. This charge helps in maintaining the high standards of the hotel.

What special provisions does the hotel have for dogs?

Beyond the standard offerings, Hotel Newport RI goes the extra mile with amenities like dog spa treatments, guided dog walks, and even a dedicated pet concierge. Your dog might just have the vacation of their dreams!

Can my dog be left alone in the room if I need to step out?

Hotel Newport RI suggests that pets shouldn't be left unattended to ensure their safety and the comfort of other guests. However, they may have recommendations or tie-ups with local pet-sitting services for your convenience.

Are there specific areas within the hotel where dogs aren’t allowed?

Yes, to preserve the experience for all guests, certain areas, notably some dining venues, wellness areas, or pools, might be off-limits to dogs.

Are dog-walking services provided by the hotel?

Certainly! Hotel Newport RI provides professional dog-walking services. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along the beach or a more energetic jaunt, they've got it covered.

Can you recommend dog-friendly attractions in Newport RI?

Absolutely! Newport RI boasts a plethora of dog-friendly parks, beaches, and even some cafes. The hotel concierge will be more than happy to provide a list of must-visit places for you and your canine buddy.

What if my dog follows a specific dietary regimen?

Understanding the unique needs of each guest, including the four-legged ones, Hotel Newport RI can often make accommodations for special diets or direct you to local specialty pet stores.

How does the hotel handle pet emergencies?

Ensuring the safety of all guests, Hotel Newport RI is well-prepared and has affiliations with local veterinary clinics for any pet emergencies.

Is there a maximum limit on dogs per room?

For maintaining a tranquil environment and the highest service standards, there might be a restriction on the number of dogs per room. This detail can be confirmed during the reservation process.

Should I inform the hotel in advance about my dog's arrival?

Absolutely! By informing in advance, you allow the hotel to prepare for your dog's arrival and ensure a seamless check-in process.

Do you organize events or activities for dog owners?

Hotel Newport RI often hosts special dog-centric events, be it playdates, training sessions, or even grooming workshops. It’s all about enhancing the bond between you and your furry friend.

My dog tends to be vocal. How does the hotel handle such situations?

Understanding that every dog has its personality, the hotel staff is trained to approach such scenarios with empathy and tact. If needed, they will collaborate with you to find a suitable solution.

Are there rooms specifically designed for guests bringing dogs?

Yes! The dog-friendly rooms are not only designed to handle the playful antics of pets but are also equipped with amenities that cater to their comfort and enjoyment.

Does Hotel Newport RI’s dog-friendly policy apply all year?

Absolutely. Their commitment to being a pet-friendly oasis remains steadfast, no matter the season.

How does the hotel ensure allergen-free rooms for subsequent guests?

Post a pet's stay, the room undergoes an exhaustive cleaning process. This includes deep cleaning of all surfaces, upholstery, and air purifying measures, ensuring freshness for the next guest.

Is the hotel staff trained to manage and care for dogs?

Yes, a significant portion of the staff undergoes specialized training, ensuring they're well-equipped to manage any dog-related situation with professionalism and care.

Are there special promotional packages tailored for dog owners?

From time to time, Hotel Newport RI offers packages that include a range of dog-friendly amenities and services. It's best to check directly with the hotel or browse their website for such promotions.

How can I share feedback about my experience with my dog at Hotel Newport RI?

Hotel Newport RI highly values guest feedback. You can share your experiences directly with the hotel management, through feedback forms, or even on their online platforms.

In the heart of Newport RI, the dog-friendly Hotel Newport RI stands as a testament to luxury not just for humans but their canine friends too. With their unwavering commitment to hospitality, both you and your dog are in for an unparalleled experience. Always reach out with any specific queries to make your stay as memorable as possible.

Now that you have the ultimate guide to dog-friendly hotels in Newport RI, it's time to book your trip and experience the splendors of this beautiful coastal town with your furry companion. Don't hesitate to share this article with fellow dog lovers and spread the word about these fabulous pet-friendly accommodations in Newport! Be sure to check out the other helpful guides on Dig Dog Hotels for your next trip so that you and your four-legged friend can continue exploring the world together.


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