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Dog Shaped Hotel In Idaho

Dog Shaped Hotel In Idaho

Imagine a place where dog lovers can stay in an actual giant dog-shaped hotel, surrounded by beautiful countryside and accompanied by their furry friends. Welcome to Idaho's famous Dog Bark Park Inn! This quirky and unique hotel has captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts all around the world. Join us as we guide you through an insider's look at this one-of-a-kind canine accommodation.

A Brief History of Dog Bark Park Inn

The Inspiration

Dog Bark Park Inn was created by married couple and chainsaw artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, both dog lovers who wanted to share their passion for canines with the world. The inspiration for the hotel's design came from a rescued English Setter, Toby, who became their beloved muse and helped bring the concept to life.

Building the World's Biggest Beagle

Dennis and Frances began crafting the inn's structure in 1997, using only wooden materials. After two long years of effort and dedication, the couple finally opened Dog Bark Park Inn for business in 2000. The 30-foot-high dog-shaped building, named Sweet Willy, is now considered a beloved landmark in the small town of Cottonwood, Idaho.

Accommodations and Atmosphere

Sweet Willy's Interior

Dog Bark Park Inn houses a single guest suite inside Sweet Willy that can accommodate up to four guests. Inside, guests will find a warm and whimsical atmosphere that truly feels like stepping into a dog lover's dream. With themed furnishings, dog-shaped cookies, and a bathroom hidden within Sweet Willy's belly, you'll be charmed by every detail.

Surrounding Attractions

Although the inn itself is the main attraction, the surrounding area of Cottonwood offers plenty of serene countryside to explore. A nearby hiking trail showcases beautiful views of the Camas Prairie and an outdoor sculpture park containing dozens of Dennis and Frances's woodcarvings, which you can also purchase in their gift shop.

Guest Experience and Activities

Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

Of course, as a dog-themed hotel, Dog Bark Park Inn is a pet-friendly accommodation. As long as your pooch is well-behaved, they are welcome to stay with you and enjoy the idyllic location together.

Fun Activities for Guests

The hotel offers several activities to keep you entertained during your visit. Indulge in a chainsaw art workshop led by Dennis and Frances, or enjoy a peaceful picnic at a nearby park. At night, stargazing is always a popular option, as the area has little light pollution and offers stunning views of the night sky.

Booking Your Stay and Planning Your Visit

Seasonal Availability

Dog Bark Park Inn is open seasonally, typically from April through October. Due to the high demand and the hotel's single suite, booking well in advance is highly recommended.

Prices and Amenities

The cost of staying at the Dog Bark Park Inn is around $150 per night. This price includes lodging, an in-room continental breakfast, local tax, and access to indoor and outdoor amenities.

Dog Shaped Hotel In Idaho Example:

Imagine waking up in the belly of a giant wooden beagle, the morning sun streaming in through a window shaped like a bone. After enjoying a breakfast of homemade dog-shaped cookies and fresh fruit, you grab a leash and take your own pup for a leisurely walk around the property, admiring more than 60 chainsaw carvings of various dog breeds along the way. Then, inspired by Dennis and Frances's work, you head to an on-site workshop to carve your very own wooden memento to take home. As the day comes to a close, you gaze up at a dazzling night sky with your furry friend by your side, grateful for the unforgettable experience at the Dog Bark Park Inn.

So, are you ready to book a stay at this incredibly unique dog-shaped hotel in Idaho? From the charming accommodations to the numerous activities and stunning surroundings, a visit to Dog Bark Park Inn is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for dog lovers. Don't forget to share your adventures with your fellow canine enthusiasts and invite them to explore other guides and discoveries on Dig Dog Hotels! Your dog-shaped adventure in Idaho awaits!


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