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Pet Hotel Chicago

Pet Hotel Chicago

An unforgettable vacation to the Windy City awaits, and you're ready to experience all the delights that Chicago has to offer. From the iconic skyline and world-class museums to mouth-watering cuisine and vibrant nightlife, there's no shortage of excitement. But, what about man's best friend? Who says they can't enjoy a luxurious stay while you explore the city? In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the most luxurious and pet-focused hotels in Chicago, ensuring that both you and your furry family member have an amazing time.

Why Chicago is a Dog-Lover's Paradise

Did you know Chicago regularly ranks among the most dog-friendly cities in the United States? From extensive, off-leash dog parks like Montrose Dog Beach to pet-friendly restaurants, patios, and shops, the city has a lot to offer to both its four-legged residents and their humans. For the discerning pet owner, these offerings extend to incredible pet hotels, so you can enjoy your Chicago stay with peace of mind. Let's dive right in!

The Langham Chicago

First on our list is The Langham Chicago, a 5-star luxury hotel located at the heart of downtown Chicago, close to the Magnificent Mile. Ranked among the top hotels in the city, The Langham doesn't discriminate between two-legged and four-legged guests: both are pampered to the fullest extent.

While you relax in style and comfort, your furry friend will be treated to a plush bed, food and water bowls, and a special welcome treat upon arrival. The hotel only requires you to let them know your dog's weight, breed, and name at booking to ensure the best personalized service.

Virgin Hotels Chicago

Virgin Hotels Chicago is another excellent option for those traveling with pets. Located in the downtown Loop, this contemporary and stylish hotel prides itself on its "pets are people too" policy, making their services ideal for dog owners looking for a welcoming and luxurious place to stay.

As part of their pet program, Virgin Hotels provide a custom-designed dog bed, water and food dishes, a complimentary dog treat, and even a dog-friendly room service menu. The hotel also has a rooftop deck, making it an ideal spot for a morning or evening walk with your furry friend.

The Gwen, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Chicago

If you're seeking opulence and unmatched pet amenities, look no further than The Gwen. Located in the bustling downtown area, this timeless and elegant hotel ensures that both you and your dog are treated like royalty.

With their Pampered Pets Program, The Gwen provides a luxury dog bed, food and water bowls, gourmet dog treats, and a personalized pet amenity, ensuring your dog experiences the same level of comfort as you do. There's also a pet relief area on the 5th floor terrace, complete with lush greenery and a beautiful city view.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago

Last, but certainly not least, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago is the perfect option for a stylish and pet-loving traveler. This boutique hotel, situated along the Chicago River, not only offers exceptional service for its human guests but also a range of delightful amenities for the furry ones.

The hotel's pet-friendly services include a plush pet bed, food and water bowls, a list of dog-approved parks and restaurants, and even dog-walking and pet-sitting services. What's more, there are no additional pet fees or size restrictions, making it an ideal choice for travelers with big breeds or multiple pooches.

Share Your Chicago Memories with Man's Best Friend!

These four luxurious pet hotels in Chicago showcase the city's commitment to providing high-end, comfortable accommodations for the entire family - including the furry members. Don't hesitate to book and experience the Windy City with your dog by your side, exploring everything it has to offer, and creating wonderful memories together.

Don't forget to share your unique vacation experiences on our blog and social media platforms, and explore more guides on Dig Dog Hotels to ensure you and your pet have the best and most unforgettable stays everywhere you go. Happy travels, and say hello to Chicago on our behalf!


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