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Dog Hotel In Los Angeles

Dog Hotel In Los Angeles

Are you planning a trip to the City of Angels and want to bring your furry friend along? Finding a dog-friendly hotel in Los Angeles can be quite a challenge. But worry not because you have Dig Dog Hotels to help! This guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about dog hotels in Los Angeles.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in the Heart of Los Angeles

Bringing your beloved pup for a Hollywood vacation? Don't fret, there are numerous accommodation options you can choose from. Here's a list of dog-friendly hotels in Los Angeles:

1. The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites

- Allows dogs up to 40lbs

- Non-refundable $50 pet fee

- Pet-friendly rooms are situated on designated floors

2. The Standard, Downtown LA

- Allows dogs of any size

- Charges $25 per pet, per night

- No weight limit or breed restrictions

3. The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

- Charges a $150 cleaning fee per stay

- Allows canine guests up to 30lbs

- Provides pet beds and bowls upon request

Home-style Dog Boarding in Los Angeles

If you prefer a more home-like environment for your furry friend, home-style dog boarding is an excellent choice. These are some of the best options in Los Angeles:

1. City Dog Club

- Offers 24-hour staff supervision

- Provides multiple play areas and private suites

- Charges $50 per night for boarding

2. Doggy Vacay

- Connects pet owners with local pet sitters

- Charges vary depending on the sitter

- Provides a more personalized and comfortable experience for your dog

Premium Dog Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles

Looking for a more luxurious experience for your four-legged friend? Spoil them at one of these high-end pet hotels in Los Angeles:

1. D Pet Hotels

- Offers various room sizes from standard to ultra-luxe

- Provides doggy daycare, grooming, and walking services

- Charges $100 per night for standard suites and $200 for ultra-luxe suites

2. Pooch Hotel

- Offers boarding, grooming, training, and daycare services

- Provides themed suites with flat-screen TVs

- Charges start at $75 per night for standard suites and can go up to $150 for luxury suites

Important Tips to Remember

Don't forget these essential tips when visiting a dog hotel in Los Angeles:

- Book in advance to secure a pet-friendly room

- Bring up-to-date vaccination records

- Pack your dog's belongings, such as leashes, toys, and food

- Always respect hotel rules and other guests by keeping your dog on a leash and picking up after them

Dog Hotel In Los Angeles Example:

Imagine you and your Golden Retriever, Charlie, are taking a trip to Los Angeles for a relaxing vacation. After planning your sightseeing and shopping activities, you decide to stay at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites.

You make sure to book a pet-friendly room and pack Charlie's toys, treats, and food. Upon arrival, Charlie enjoys his stay in the Westin, exploring the dog-friendly areas of the hotel. The staff at the Westin are incredibly welcoming and love to pamper Charlie during your stay.

In the evenings, you take Charlie on dog-friendly dining experiences throughout the city. Thanks to this guide, your Los Angeles vacation with Charlie is a stress-free, fun-filled adventure neither of you will soon forget!

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide to dog hotels in Los Angeles. Make your LA adventure a memorable one by ensuring you pick the right accommodation for your furry friend. Share this guide with other pet owners, and don't forget to explore other dog-friendly tips and locations on Dig Dog Hotels.


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