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Leaving Dog In Hotel Room Reddit

Leaving Dog In Hotel Room Reddit

You've booked a hotel stay for your next vacation, and of course, you want to bring your furry friend along! But what are the ins and outs of leaving your dog in a hotel room? By turning to real-life experiences shared on Reddit, this ultimate guide will give you the lowdown on dog hotel stays and provide tips for a smooth experience, ensuring you and your pup have a fantastic vacation together.

Scout out Pet-friendly Hotels

Before you book a stay, make sure to research hotels that are pet-friendly. Look for hotels with a reputation for accommodating dogs. This might include providing doggy treats, having designated doggy public areas and offering pet services like dog walking.

Understanding Hotel Pet Policies

Each hotel has its own pet policy, and it's crucial to know the specific rules that apply to your accommodation. These can include:

  • Size/weight restrictions for dogs
  • Maximum number of dogs allowed in one room
  • Extra charges for pets (such as cleaning fees and deposits)
  • Some hotels might have specific rooms allocated for guests with pets

Make sure to read the hotel's pet policy thoroughly and confirm with the staff before arrival. This way, there'll be no surprises when you check-in.

Preparing Your Dog for Their Hotel Stay

There are a few things you can do to make the stay easier and more comfortable for your dog:

  • Bring their favorite toys and bedding to make the room homier and familiar.
  • Abide by the hotel's leash policy when outside the room.
  • Make plans for where your dog can eat, as many hotels don’t allow pets in the dining area

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone in the Room

Ensuring your dog is safe and content when left alone in the hotel room is essential. Here are some tips gleaned from Reddit users’ experiences:

  • Utilize a crate: if your dog is crate-trained, it can provide a comforting, safe space for them while you're away. A crate also prevents potential destructive behavior and stops your dog from wandering around the room unattended.
  • Alert the hotel staff: let them know that your dog will be alone in the room. This way, they can avoid disturbances like housekeeping that might stress or alarm your pet.
  • Use a “Do Not Disturb” sign: place this on your door to minimize any unexpected interruptions while your dog is unattended.

Leaving Dog In Hotel Room Reddit Example:

Reddit User Experience

Reddit user u/crazydoglady1 shared a positive experience traveling with their dog and leaving them in a hotel room for short periods. They noted that they brought their dog's crate, which kept them safe and calm while they were away. They also made sure to exercise their dog well to ensure they were tired and content.

Another user, u/crazydoglady2, advised checking with the hotel's specific policies before leaving a dog unattended and to bring along a white noise machine to drown out any external noise, making the dog less reactive to unfamiliar sounds.

Leaving your dog in a hotel room is a scenario that many pet owners face when traveling. By researching the hotel's pet policy and practices, ensuring your dog is well-prepared for their stay, and taking safety measures when they are left alone, you and your furry friend can both enjoy a fantastic vacation together.

We invite you to explore other guides on Dig Dog Hotels for more useful tips on traveling with your pet and hotel stays. Don't forget to share this article with fellow dog parents as we all work together to make pet-friendly vacations smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved!


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