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Paris Hotel Las Vegas Dog Friendly

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Dog Friendly

A vacation is not complete without bringing your fur baby along. What could be better than exploring the City of Lights with your four-legged family member? If you're visiting Las Vegas and looking for a dog-friendly accommodation option, then Paris Hotel Las Vegas is the pawfect choice for you and your pup!

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Paris Hotel Las Vegas: A Dog-Friendly Hotel in the Heart of the Strip

Paris Hotel Las Vegas: A Dog-Friendly Hotel in the Heart of the Strip

Paris Hotel Las Vegas, a premier luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, is known for its unique Parisian theme and architectural wonders like the Eiffel Tower. But what makes it perfect for dog lovers is that it is one of the few dog-friendly hotels on the Strip, making it an ideally situated vacation spot for both you and your furry companion.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Dog-Friendly Amenities

  • PetStay Rooms: Paris Hotel Las Vegas offers PetStay rooms, which are specialized for guests traveling with their canine companions. These rooms feature additional amenities like a pet relief area, pet-friendly walking routes, and in-room pet essentials like a dog mat, food and water dishes, disposable waste bags, and treats.
  • Dog Size Limit: Paris Hotel Las Vegas allows dogs up to 50 pounds, with a maximum of two dogs per room. This ensures that your pup will have plenty of space to relax and enjoy their stay as well.
  • Pet Fees: There is a daily pet fee which covers the additional cleaning and services offered for the PetStay rooms. While some may view this as an inconvenience, it ensures that the hotel is appropriately taking care of pet-related accommodations.
  • Dog-friendly Restaurants: Though your pup can't accompany you to the hotel's many restaurants, cafes, and bars in the casino area, they can join you for a meal at the outdoor seating at Le Boulevard, a quaint outdoor-style café surrounding the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Attractions Near Paris Hotel Las Vegas

More than just staying at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas, you and your dog can enjoy numerous attractions within walking distance of the hotel.

  1. The LINQ Promenade: Located a short walk away, The LINQ Promenade is a dog-friendly open-air district that features various shops, dining options, and entertainment for visitors.
  2. Crystals at CityCenter: A luxury shopping destination, Crystals at CityCenter, is dog-friendly and allows you to explore upscale brands and boutiques with your furry friend in tow.
  3. Bellagio Fountains: The iconic fountains at the Bellagio are a spectacular sight to behold, and you can enjoy the show with your pup by your side. Just make sure to keep your dog on a leash and pick up after them during the performance.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Dog Friendly Example:

Imagine after a long day of exploring the Las Vegas Strip, you're ready to retire to your luxurious PetStay room at Paris Hotel Las Vegas. You and your canine companion wind down while enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower replica outside your window while your pup takes advantage of the comfortable dog mat and treats provided. After a comfortable night's rest, you both look forward to another day of Vegas adventures!

No need to pack your bags for France to experience Parisian charm—you and your furry friend can find it right in the heart of Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel. Make your next vacation a memorable one by booking your stay at this incredible dog-friendly hotel. Make sure to share your Paris Hotel Las Vegas experience with fellow dog lovers and explore more dog-friendly guides on Dig Dog Hotels. Bon voyage!


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