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Can You Bring Your Dog To Hotel?

Can You Bring Your Dog To Hotel?

As pet parents, we know how much joy and happiness our furry friends bring us. For many of us, the thought of leaving our pets at home while we travel or go on a vacation can be quite difficult. The good news is that more and more hotels are opening their doors to our four-legged companions, making it easier for us to explore the world with them by our side. But how do you know if your dog will be allowed in a hotel, and what should you keep in mind when booking pet-friendly accommodations? Read on to find out!

1. Researching pet-friendly hotels

The first step in planning a trip with your dog is to find pet-friendly hotels at your destination. You can do this by searching online, consulting guidebooks, or by asking friends and family for recommendations. Be aware that some hotels only allow dogs up to certain weights or breeds, so make sure to look into these specifics before booking a room. Popular websites that can help you find dog-friendly hotels include BringFido, TripsWithPets, and Expedia.

2. Understand hotel pet policies

Once you have found a hotel that allows dogs, make sure you are familiar with their pet policy. Policies can vary greatly between hotels, so it's important to gather as much information as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Common aspects to look out for include:

  • Pet fees: Some hotels charge a one-time fee, others charge per night, and still, others offer dog-friendly rooms at no additional cost. Be prepared for anything from $20 to over $100 per stay.
  • Size and breed restrictions: Some hotels may have specific size or breed restrictions in place. Make sure your dog meets any requirements before booking a stay.
  • Number of dogs allowed: Many hotels limit the number of dogs allowed per room. If you have multiple dogs, be sure to check for any restrictions.
  • Leash and behavior rules: Most hotels require that dogs be on a leash when in common areas, and may have regulations about barking and disruptive behavior.
  • Pet amenities: Some pet-friendly hotels go above and beyond to accomodate their canine guests, offering services like pet beds, dog walking, and pet menus.

3. Preparing for your hotel stay

Once you've booked your pet-friendly hotel, there are a few things you need to do to ensure a stress-free stay for both you and your dog. This can include:

  • Bringing a bed or blanket: Your dog will be more comfortable if they have something familiar to sleep on.
  • Packing a favorite toy or two: Bringing toys can help keep your dog occupied during downtime in the hotel room.
  • Updating ID tag and microchip information: In case your pet gets lost in an unfamiliar place, make sure their ID tag and microchip information are up to date.
  • Bringing food and treats: Don't assume that pet food will be available at your destination, so pack enough to last for your entire trip.
  • Walk your dog regularly: This not only maintains their routine but also helps prevent accidents in the hotel room.

Can You Bring Your Dog To Hotel Example

Imagine that you and your dog are planning a road trip to visit the Grand Canyon. After doing some research, you find a pet-friendly hotel called the Bark Canyon Lodge. Before booking your room, you carefully review their pet policy and find out that they charge a $50 pet fee per stay, allow dogs weighing up to 60 lbs, and provide a complimentary pet bed during the stay. You go ahead and book a room, making sure to also inquire about any nearby walkable trails or parks for your dog to enjoy during your trip.

Bringing our furry friends along for the adventure can make our travels that much more enjoyable and memorable. By doing your research, understanding hotel pet policies, and properly preparing for your stay, you can ensure that your dog remains comfortable and well-cared-for throughout the trip. So the next time you're planning a vacation, don't hesitate to ask the simple question: can you bring your dog to the hotel? Chances are the answer will be a resounding yes.

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