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Dog Friendly Hotel Washington DC

Dog Friendly Hotel Washington DC

Looking for the perfect dog-friendly hotel in Washington, D.C. for your next trip to the nation's capital? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the best accommodations in Washington, D.C. that welcome your four-legged friends. From luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly establishments, we have every option covered to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your beloved pet.

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown

Offering luxury accommodations and top-notch service, The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown is the perfect choice for travelers seeking an upscale, pet-friendly hotel. There is a $150 non-refundable pet fee, but your dog will receive a welcome amenity and will be pampered like royalty.

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2. Kimpton George Hotel

Located near Capitol Hill, Kimpton George Hotel is a stylish and chic hotel perfect for dog-loving travelers. They warmly welcome pets of all sizes and even go the extra mile by providing special amenities such as dog beds, personalized water bowls, and doggie treats. Best of all? There is no additional charge for furry guests!

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3. Kimpton Hotel Palomar Washington DC

Another fantastic option from the popular Kimpton brand, Hotel Palomar offers a stylish and modern retreat for you and your canine companion. They not only welcome dogs, but feline friends as well! Expect top-notch amenities such as custom pet beds, food & water bowls, and savory treats for your pet.

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4. The Watergate Hotel

Infamous for its role in American history, The Watergate Hotel now welcomes guests and their furry friends to experience its luxury and charm. For a fee of $100 per stay, your pet can join you in experiencing the beautiful views and fine amenities that this hotel has to offer.

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5. Residence Inn Washington, D.C. Downtown

If you prefer a budget-friendly option, Residence Inn by Marriott offers a pet-friendly option in Downtown D.C. With a fee of $150 per stay, you and your pet can enjoy spacious suites with full kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and a complimentary breakfast every morning.

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Dog Friendly Hotel Washington DC Example:

Imagine you and your furry friend staying at the elegant Kimpton George Hotel, just steps away from Capitol Hill. After a long day of exploring the city together, return to your chic room to find a plush dog bed and personalized water bowl waiting for your pup. Enjoy a glass of wine at the hotel's complimentary evening wine hour while your dog relishes their treat provided by the welcoming staff. This is the kind of unforgettable experience you and your canine companion can expect when choosing a dog-friendly hotel in Washington, D.C

Now that you have this complete guide to dog-friendly hotels in Washington, D.C., it's time to start planning your memorable trip to the nation's capital. Remember, these are just a few examples of the incredible pet-friendly lodging options available in this vibrant city. So, make sure to check out other guides on Dig Dog Hotels for even more ideas and unique experiences to share with your four-legged friend. And don't forget – sharing is caring! Spread the word about these fantastic accommodations by sharing this article with other dog-loving travelers in your life. Happy travels to you and your canine companion!


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